Scott D. McLean, MD

Nonfiction, poetry, autobiography, essays

Scott D. McLean, M.D.

Clinical Geneticist, Consultant, Writer


Current projects include

“Ten Steps to Improve Your Genetic Health” – prescriptive nonfiction for individuals who want to find answers to important genetic questions. If you need practical, concrete guidance on how to use genetics to improve your health, start here.

“The One Minute Geneticist” – quick solutions for integrating genetics into primary care.

“G” – Zen advice for soccer parents.

“Taji” – how to practice combat genetics and suffer in style while deployed with the 1st Cavalry Division.

“Newborn” – science fiction of the post-apocalypse where the clans of the Earth discover that they are not the last of their kind but the first of another age.

“Collected Poems”